Muscle Repair Bundle


This bundle has been specially tailored to help you recover post injury or post surgery, with a focus on muscle repair. Together, these products provide the highest quality building blocks needed for the body to repair and heal muscle tissues.

Protein + Super Food

Pure Performance

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Multi Daily

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Protein + SF: (2 scoops daily)

A clean, plant-based protein that contains a full spectrum of BCAA’s, phytonutrients, super foods, and 11 added nutrients that make it a more complete protein than beef. This protein provides the body with all the building blocks it needs for muscle synthesis.

Pure Performance: (3 capsules 3 times daily)

Includes the highest quality of BCAA’s, the building blocks of protein. Also includes Creatine: which aids with energy production, improves active performance, and helps you to maintain and gain lean muscle mass. And Glutamine, which is an Amino acid that helps repair muscle tissue and plays an important role in promoting muscle protein synthesis while counteracting muscle catabolism.


Multi Daily: (2 capsules daily)

A multi vitamin the body can actually absorb. This provides vitamins and minerals essential for muscle repair and function. Calcium: vital for muscle contraction and energy metabolism. Iron: forms part of hemoglobin; which transports oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and helps metabolize protein and fats for use in muscle building and repair. Magnesium: essential for muscle relaxation and preventing cramps. Potassium: key in muscle contraction.

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Protein + Super Food


Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut Almond

Pure Performance

Number of Capsules

300 Veggie Capsules

Multi Daily

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