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"Everything comes down to food. What we eat either expresses or suppresses proper function of our body. Processed foods, dairy, meat and high-fructose corn syrup suppresses. Plant-based foods express." -Anthony Beven

Anthony Martinez Beven is a certified live blood analyst and spa owner of Detox Day Spa. The Spa offers an online 35-Day Detox program built that flushes the body, resets and rebuilds the immune system utilizing external detox methods (ionic & infrared), plant-based dietary changes and supplements, and biometric technology. Beven is a former bio-tech industry marketing executive and medical practice consultant who his Spa's 35-Day program after his own experience. He received back-to-back HIV and cancer diagnoses, and was left with 23 t-cells, the front-line defender in our white blood cell group, and a low body pH after treatments. He was given the option of chemo pills, and Beven researched and forged his own path of natural healing.

Today's foods are devoid of basic vitamins and minerals because our crops have been modified to grow faster with nutritional value taking a back seat. Even the most nutritionally disciplined are missing important enzymes and probiotics that are essential to optimal health. Our complete blends of whole foods, vitamins, minerals and plant-based enzymes, ensure that your body is successfully digesting and absorbing your food the way it is supposed to, and turning it into usable energy.


Gluten Free


Our Favorite Products

Weight Loss Essentials

A combination of 4 key elements to aid in managing and maintaining a healthy weight loss by providing an effective appetite suppressant with a blend of plant-based enzymes for proper digestion and breakdown on fats.

10Natural, Healthy Weight Loss

10Powerful Appetite Suppressant

10Metabolism Booster

10Lose Stubborn Fat/h4>

Inflammation Relief

A rare and unique blend of stabilized plant-based enzymes that may ease symptoms of allergies, reduce injury recovery times, improve circulation, provide pain management, and powerfully assist protein digestion.

10Digest Your Protein

10Help Eliminate Inflammation

10Improve Recovery Time

10Supports Healthy Digestive & Immune System

Enzyme Essentials

Enzyme Essentials with probiotics provides all of the key ingredients needed for
proper digestion, including digestive enzymes, potent probiotics, and chelated minerals

10Unlocks the nutrients in your diet

10Helps Digest SIX basic food groups

10Supports healthy digestion

Fat & Sugar Enzymes

A proprietary blend of highly purified enzymes that optimize the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, sugars, starches and fats. Great for high cholesterol, food-related intolerances, hypoglycemia and diabetes.

10Help Reduce Cholesterol & Diabetes

10Proper digestion of oils, fats & sugars

10Aids with symptoms of indigestion

10Aids with hypoglycemia