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“I Love these products!”

“I love these products. You can tell they don’t take the cheap route with fillers. Being a mom of two busy boys I need all the energy I can get! These supplements help me to keep up with those busy little bodies.”


Aubrie Hewitt Mom, foodie, and health enthusiast | IG handle: @aubriehewitt

“We will be XR clients for life.”

“As a personal trainer and mother, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve mine, my family’s, and my clients’ health.  When I was introduced to XR Nutrition, it was a total game changer.  I knew these were legit super power supplements when my daughter had 3 ear infections within 3 months of each other.  I decided I would stop doing antibiotics and try to treat her naturally.  She had just turned 1 so I started giving her the Fruit & Veggie Essentials and Enzyme Essentials in her bottles and she has never had an ear infection or had to be on antibiotics since.  She is now 4 years old!!
When I had my son, he had very bad eczema all over his scalp, along with reflux.  It made him extremely fussy, and made me lose my sanity.  It was a very rough time.  Once he switched to formula, I added in the Probiotic Essentials to his bottles and he became a new child.  His eczema cleared up COMPLETELY and his reflux symptoms improved drastically.  There have been times we go on vacations and I don’t bring the probtiotics.  Within 2 weeks, his eczema will mildly start to come back.  Within a week of starting them again, his skin completely clears up.  He also struggles with constipation if he ever has milk products.  When he takes Nature’s Stomach Remedy he never has any issues and is very regular!
We will be XR clients for life.  With whole food sources, minimal processing, no heating, I know they are the best things for our bodies and gut health!  With a healthy gut, all the other systems in our bodies can function more optimally.”

Heidi Speaker BS, CPT, CHC, PN | IG handle: @coach_heidi1

“XR Nutrition is the best supplement line on the market.”

XR Nutrition is the best supplement line on the market. This line effectively addresses cell debris, which cause damage to our red blood cells, as well as cellular-level rebuild utilizing either supplements that are enzymes in and of themselves or pairing supplements with enzyme delivery systems. When our body is in dysfunction due to oxidative stress from cell debris, we aren’t absorbing key nutrients and minerals, especially if our liver is in distress. Enzymes are our absorption mechanism. These supplements are a best-kept secret. They are the game-changers of today. I recommend this line to all of my clients, family and friends.

Anthony Beven Cellular-Level Regeneration Expert, Biohacker and Certified Live Blood Analyst | IG handle: @detoxdayspa

“I’ve noticed a big difference in my energy levels”

Been using these supplements for about two months now. I’ve noticed a big difference in my energy levels. After a 12 hour shift I would sleep for 12 hours or more. Now I have been able to get up earlier and get things done. Also noticed a difference in my skin after taking these and leaning out from the gym.

Cody Wimmer Weight trainer, fitness enthusiast | IG handle: @codywimm23

“Love taking Pure Performance”

Love taking Pure Performance before and after every workout. Helps me recover and push through my workouts even more!

Ronnie Garcia Health & Wellness Coach, Fitness Enthusiast | IG handle: @ronclaudevandam

“I am an ingredient snob and XR Nutrition fits the bill!”

“My family and I have been using XR Nutrition products for almost 4 years now. I also use it in my own wellness business with my clients. No doubt that the difference can be seen and felt. I am an ingredient snob and XR Nutrition fits the bill! It has everything I tell my clients to look for in supplements… whole foods, chelated minerals and an enzyme delivery system. Great price point, too.”

Maryanne Klingenberg Certified in Nutrition Microscopy |

“I would recommend these supplements to everyone”

I would recommend these supplements to everyone from the young aspiring bodybuilder, to the middle-aged office worker, to the old distance runner. With XR Nutrition, it’s easy to give your body what it needs. 

Adam Knudsen Fitness enthusiast, Competitor | IG handle: @adam.knudsen

“Love the taste and felt like I got a higher energy level”

I have tried many different protein products, and always had either digestive problems or skin issues or both using them. And after hearing about the ingredients in XR I decided to give it a try and had absolutely no issues with it, loved the taste and felt like I got a higher energy level from it! I would absolutely recommend this product!

Tatum Chesmer Massage Therapist, mom, and fitness enthusiast | IG handle: @tatumchesmer

“I can honestly stay I felt like my mood was stabilized and I have so much more energy”

Inflammation Relief:
I was experiencing some minor pain in my hip and was worried about it affecting my strength training program. I am so glad to have been recommended this supplement. Within days of taking this, my hip pain was gone. I also noticed that if I forgot to take it, my soreness after working out took much longer to go away than with the supplement. I include this supplement as part of my daily regimen to reduce inflammation, pain, and improve recovery time.
Women’s Balance
This has all of the essential vitamins and minerals that you would want in a women’s health vitamin. It even has a proprietary blend of herbs to help with mood support and hormonal balance. It is in a capsule form, which I prefer when it comes to a supplement. I also like that it has fertility boosting herbs like black cohosh, root chaste tree berry, red raspberry leaf, and dong quai. I have been taking this everyday for about six months now. I can honestly say, I feel like my mood has stabilized and I have so much more energy thanks to all of the B Vitamins.
Pure Performance (Husband’s review)
I purchased pure performance initially looking for a creatine supplement. The addition of BCAA’s and glutamine ultimately influenced me to go with XR nutrition. As advertised, my recovery and strength improved after a couple weeks of taking it. This was recommended by my weight lifting coach and is now also my go to for Creatine.
Adrenal Balance
Everyday around 3 O’clock I would hit a wall and reach for another cup of coffee. I felt tired all the time and like I had brain fog. My adrenals were most likely stressed and I knew I needed something to help support them. That’s where Adrenal Balance comes in. Within about a week or so of taking this, I no longer felt like I needed that afternoon cup of coffee and my head felt clearer. I take this everyday to help keep my adrenals functioning at their best. Bonus that it is all natural, not synthetic and non-GMO!

Alyssa Rubio Fitness and health enthusiast

“I have been using their products for over five years and I have never felt better”

I absolutely love XR nutrition products. They also have the best customer service. I have been using their products for over five years and I have never felt better. I especially love the enzyme essentials. They have literally changed my life. I can eat raw onions, broccoli, beans and meat of all kinds because of XR Nutrition’s enzyme essentials. Because their ingredients are all natural my body absorbs and digests all of the vitamins and protein. I truly feel great. Thank you Xr Nutrition for providing such an excellent product!!

Jaynelle Jones Health enthusiast, Hiker

“Favorite Products”

Favorite products enzyme essential, probiotics, immunity booster, fruit and veggie essentials and multivitamin!

Sarah Jane Jennings Meal Prepper, Health Enthusiast | IG handle: dininginprep

“I recently discovered XR Nutrition and have had great success and have never felt better.”

“I am a Deputy, firefighter, athlete, and most importantly a husband and a father. I have always struggled to find the perfect diet and supplement. I recently discovered XR Nutrition and have had great success and have never felt better. I want to share this information with everyone because you to can be healthy! I wasted years and money using “fake stuff”. Please feel free to reach out to me and I look forward to assisting you in any way I can.”

Juan Delatorre Deputy, Fire Fighter, & Athlete | IG handle: dlt_strong_

“I have absolutely noticed a significant change in my energy, performance, & recovery!”

“So glad I found a local plant-based, whole food supplement line where QUALITY actually MATTERS! My top two favorite products to help me push through those long intense workouts; Pure Performance & Adrenal Balance! I have absolutely noticed a significant change in my energy, performance, & recovery!”

Mike M. CF-L1 Trainer & Fitness Enthusiast | IG handle: @maxx_mike

“I love XR Nutrition’s products.”

I love XR Nutrition’s products. The high mineral content in their Multi Daily Vitamins is an awesome boost to my daily regime. It is immune boosting and covers so many bases! I am also a fan of the Fruit & Veggies Essentials Powder and the Plant-Based Protein and Superfood. I add them to my smoothies to enhance my well-being and energy levels. The ingredients included are everything I look for in a supplement product. Fruits, Veggies, Probiotics, Antioxidants, Minerals, and a Great Taste!

Kendra Muecke | Kendra & the Bunnies: Singer/Songwriter, Writer, Actress, Author | IG handle: @Kenbunny

“I love the Fruit & Veggie Essentials”

As a cancer survivor and a woman trying to conceive its so important to me to get the best supplements and to take care of my body! I love the fruit and veggie essentials- they give me a boost of energy first thing in the morning and that way I know I am getting what I need. I take the inflammation relief, the multi daily and the women’a balance and I’ve noticed a change in my overall gut health.

Cassie Kay Artist, Cancer Survivor | IG Handle: