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"The better the nutrition, the better the blood, the better the performance."
-Maryanne Klingenberg

Today's foods are devoid of basic vitamins and minerals because our crops have been modified to grow faster with nutritional value taking a back seat. Even the most nutritionally disciplined are missing important enzymes and probiotics that are essential to optimal health. Our complete blends of whole foods, vitamins, minerals and plant-based enzymes, ensure that your body is successfully digesting and absorbing your food the way it is supposed to, and turning it into usable energy.


Gluten Free


My Favorite Products!

Enzyme Essentials

There is QUALITY in our QUANTITY of 11 digestive enzymes

Unlike any other product on the market, Enzyme Essentials comes with a blend of probiotics that help support the digestive and immune system.
Enzyme Essentials with probiotics provides all of the key ingredients needed for
proper digestion, including digestive enzymes, potent probiotics, and chelated minerals.

10Plant-based Enzymes

10Helps Digest SIX Basic Food Group

10Supports Healthy Digestive & Immune Systems

Women's Balance

Balance female hormones and aids with fatigue!

Women’s Balance addresses the nutritional aid for thyroid health, blood circulation, mood stability, mental clarity, and female hormone support. The female body uses the range of B vitamins to support the thyroid, balance hormones, burn fat and carbohydrate, develop healthy red blood cells, and support the nervous system.

10Mood Stability & Weight Loss

10Natural Hormone Support

10Daily Energy

Pure Iron

XR’s Pure Iron has the highest absorption rate with benefits on a cellular level.

XR Nutrition’s Pure Iron is a one-of-a-kind combination of plant-based whole foods, enzymes, and cofactors to absorb iron at its highest rates without the terrible side effects. It has nutritional yeast, carrots, spinach, asparagus, and chelated iron amino acid as the main sources of iron. We have also added an enzyme delivery blend to allow this mineral and its cofactors to perform on a cellular level.

10Aids in Menstrual Issues and Discomforts

10Higher Absorbency

10Aids with fatigue & anemia

Immune Response

XR’s Pure Iron has the highest absorption rate with benefits on a cellular level.

A True Responder: When we get stressed and tired, our immune system feels the same way. Help your body fight back in a natural way with XR Nutrition’s Immune Response.

10Natural Immune Remedy

10Potent Antioxidants

10Potent Antioxidants