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Our line-up of Specialized supplements are carefully formulated to address specific issues such as illness, pre & post-surgery, hormonal imbalance, weight loss and other ailments.

Immune Response

Powerful support the immune system to help fight illness, flu-like symptoms, and infection among many others.

Quick Facts

15Whole Food Sources


1Strain of Probiotics

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Joint Rebuild

Designed to help build and maintain joint strength, and aid to improve recovery time of joint injuries.

Quick Facts


4Joint-building Agents

4Chelated Minerals

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Liver and Kidney Cleanse

A special formulation of essential nutrients, herbs, minerals, and enzymes to naturally eliminates toxins trapped in the liver kidneys to improve the body’s filtration system.

Quick Facts


5Whole Food Sources

1Chelated Mineral

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Osteo Build

Created with plant-based nutrients and minerals to help assist in building, repairing and maintain healthy bone density.

Quick Facts

7Bone-building Agents

6Chelated Minerals

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PH Pro

An alkaline formula designed to help increase oxygen utilization on a cellular level. pH Pro helps promote a higher level of alkalinity so that bacteria and other infections cannot thrive.

Quick Facts

2Alkalizing Agents

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