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Why we use XR Nutrition Products:

Our clinics specialize in vestibular and balance rehabilitation with our overhead support safety system. We also offer a holistic approach to physical wellness and have a variety of treatment options to personalize your physical therapy experience including Juvent micro-impact, deep tissue low level laser class IV, dry needling, and nutrition supplements in addition to exercise and pain control treatment modalities.


Gluten Free

Why I use XR supplements

A few of our favorite products

Liver & Kidney Cleanse

Naturally eliminate toxins trapped in the liver & kidneys

The liver and kidneys are the body’s filtration system, similar to the filters in the car, air-conditioning system, and clothes dryer. XR Nutrition’s approach in cleansing and supporting the liver and kidneys is a simple blend of natural, whole-food ingredients that have the ability to naturally cleanse these organs while simultaneously building and fortifying these organs without the side effects often associated with other cleanses.

1Naturally removes toxins

10Safe Ingredients That Clean and Detox

10Natural & Non-GMO

Enzyme Essentials

11 Stabilized plant-based enzymes to aid digestion and help you get the most out of your food

Enzyme Essentials with probiotics provides all of the key ingredients needed for
proper digestion, including digestive enzymes, potent probiotics, and chelated minerals. Poor digestion leaves the body and the immune system in the same predicament that poor nutrition does – a lack of nutritional factors that support immune functioning and the function of the entire body. This is because a poor functioning digestive system has lose some of the ability to turn what’s consumed into a form the body can use. Stop compromising and start feeling the difference today with XR Nutrition’s Enzyme Essentials!

111 digestive enzymes

2Helps Digest SIX Basic Food Groups

3Digestive & Immune Systems

Pure Performance

Build muscle faster, leaner, and in a more natural way.

Pure Performance is made with key ingredients (e.g. amino acid chelated creatine, stabilized magnesium glycyl glutamine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-leucine, and XR Nutrition’s proprietary enzyme delivery system) to ensure maximum cellular absorption for peak performance. All of these ingredients play an important role in promoting muscle protein synthesis, which counteracts muscle catabolism. Furthermore, these ingredients help fortify cellular growth after cancer treatments, surgery, and/or trauma to the body.

1Supports lean muscle

2Supports recovery

3Improves performance

Women's Balance

Designed to naturally balance female hormones.

Women’s Balance addresses the nutritional aid for thyroid health, blood circulation, mood stability, mental clarity, and female hormone support. The female body uses the range of B vitamins to support the thyroid, balance hormones, burn fat and carbohydrate, develop healthy red blood cells, and support the nervous system.

1Mood Stability & Weight Loss

2Natural Hormone Support

3Daily Energy

Men's Balance

Designed to naturally balance male hormones.

Men’s Balance addresses the nutritional need for prostate health, memory 
enhancement, and blood circulation. The body needs B-complex vitamins to make testosterone, burn fat and carbohydrate, develop healthy red blood cells, and support the nervous system. Men’s Balance is loaded full of B vitamins and other powerful whole foods, which is especially vital for aging males who have stressful lifestyles and /or nutritional deficient diets, which is most of us.

1Prostate Health

2Daily Performance

3Aid Brain Function