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90 Chewable Tablets

Oops! Seems we overestimated on Nature’s Stomach Remedy this year and found ourselves overstocked! But our loss is your gain. While the stamped date has reached its lifespan (Aug/2020), unopened ingredients are still good! We are passing the savings onto you.

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Great for Kids! These delicious chewable probiotics and enzymes are perfect for kids that are unable to swallow capsules. Enjoy one with each meal to help promote healthy digestive and immune systems.

Natural Remedy for The Belly: Tummy aches are not fun for anyone! Kids and adults alike all experience them. Get a relief in a natural way.

Heart Burn and Acid Reflux Relief: Take control of your gut health with these probiotics and enzymes. Regular antacids do more damage by slowing down the digesting process.

Get the Best out of Your Food: The best diets in the world do not provide benefit if we don’t digest AND absorb the food we consume. Nature’s Stomach Remedy helps break down the food we consume.

Safe Ingredients: Ingredients NOT sourced from; gluten, soy, dairy or nuts.
Nature’s Stomach Remedy Chewables helps supply a steady amount of enzymes and probiotics that aid the body in proper digestion, nutrient absorption and delivery, and immunity support. This product is one of the most essential supplements in helping kids grow strong and sick free. Not to mention, these chewables are delicious! It is no surprise that kids and adults love them.

Childhood is a time of development. As parents, we give our kids carrots for their eyes and milk to build stronger bones. What are we giving them for the immune and digestive health? Children’s immune systems are established during the first few years of their life, with the majority of this development happening within the digestive system. In addition, as a child develops their digestive system has to adapt to different foods, stomach bugs, and even experimenting with how much cake they can eat. All these changes can result in an occasional “stomach ache” or digestive issues. That is why introducing probiotics into the body at an early age is a critical step for the digestive and immune health of your child.


LACTOBACILLUS PLANTARUM is a “superstar” probiotic that you absolutely need in your inner ecosystem to keep you healthy and strong.

Although yogurt can be a good source of probiotics, commercial yogurts also typically contain substantial amounts of sugar or other sweeteners, including artificial sweeteners. One 6-ounce carton of a popular brand of yogurt contains at least 20 grams of sugar! Because sugar feeds pathogenic bacteria, eating this type of sweetened yogurt most likely cancels out any potential benefits from the small amount of probiotics it may contain.
The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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90 Chewable Tablets

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