Immune Boost Bundle


Together, this duo helps boost the bodies immune system by fighting infections, increasing white blood cells, and reducing inflammation. Provide your body with the tools it needs to fight off cold and flu season!

Fruit & Veggie Essentials

Immune Response

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Immune Boost contains ingredients that powerfully assist the bodies immune system. It contains herbs like Goldenseal- which kills many types of bacteria and activates white blood cells. And Echinacea Purpurea which is shown to increase the number of white bloods cells! And let’s not forget Astragalus, which is shown to reduce pesky inflammation. These are just a few of the powerful ingredients that kick colds and flus to the curb!

Fruit & Veggie Essentials is a premium blend of 39 organic fruits and vegetables and provides 8 servings of fruit AND 8 servings of vegetables in just one scoop. In each scoop you may receive up to 12,000 ORAC units of antioxidants. This amazing product provides naturally occurring fiber, vitamins and minerals, stabilized probiotics, and helps to meet the recommended daily value of fruit and vegetable intake. It also provides Vitamin C- which is well known for it’s flu and cold fighting abilities. You won’t just boost the immune system with this bundle, you will improve your overall health with just one scoop a day!


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Fruit & Veggie Essentials

Immune Response


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