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June 2020

Hair Health Bundle Mariah

Healthy Hair and How to Get There

Let’s talk hair. Sometimes it seems to style perfectly, but other times it proves to have its own agenda. Why? There is more to hair health than perfecting that Pinterest tutorial. Hair health starts with nutrition and is supported by proper care and maintenance.  Where to start?!  Protein. Zinc. Omega 3 Fatty acids. These nutrients will boost hair health! Hair is mostly protein and needs you to make sure it gets the replenishment it needs.  Zinc keeps hair strong and healthy so less will fall out. A good amount of protein and zinc can be found in XR Nutrition’s Protein + Superfood. Hair health starts at the roots and omega-3 fatty acids will boost root health. Our Multi-Daily vitamin includes enzymes that help digest and maximize the benefits of other important nutrients you are eating.  How to care for your hair? Make sure the products you put in your hair…
Dani Richeson
June 24, 2020