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Sculpt A Six-Pack With This Abs Workout Routine

They’re made in the kitchen – but they’re revealed by training smart. Abs Workout Tips Use isometrics “If your abs are constantly in a contracted position it can pull your body into bad posture – so it’s important to strengthen them but in an elongated position,” says Ben Scott, a former professional cricketer turned performance and fat loss specialist. “Planks and other similar holds are ideal, but don’t just hold for as long as you can because your technique will give up way before you do. Short holds, done correctly, are much more effective.” Don’t just hip flex “The old sit-up with someone holding your feet the ground is dead,” says Scott. “It distorts your hip tilt and you’ll end up using your hip flexors to actually do the move, over-activating a muscle that is shortened anyway. Most people know not to do sit-ups for abs, but watch for the…
December 4, 2019

Women’s Fitness Explain How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Say goodbye to stubborn love handles and uncover those abs with these tips... Love handles and stubborn fat are a problem for practically all of us. So, if you want to look and feel great, there are a lot of things to consider. Whilst diet and exercise are two powerful tools in the pursuit of a healthy body, sleep patterns, stress levels and body confidence all have their own part to play. Learn how to make the most of what you've got (and disguise those love handles) with our top expert tips. Eat up, slim down Always thinking about your next meal? Not anymore! The secret behind fat-loss success lies in properly fuelling your body with nutrient-dense food. Number one on the list is fibre – both the soluble and insoluble types. Fibre helps slow down digestion and recharges your body with a steady stream of energy, but worryingly, a…
November 25, 2019

Hit The Gym With Confidence Using This Beginner Workout Plan For Women

Magnus Lygdback, who trained Alicia Vikander for her role in Tomb Raider, explains how to get started in the gym. When you’re new to the gym it’s very easy to stay in your comfort zone, hitting your cardio machine of choice for a bit then sliding right on out of there. There’s nothing wrong with a cardio workout, of course, but do the same thing over and over again you’re unlikely to experience any benefits and you’re likely to get hella bored – a surefire combo to start you skipping sessions and regret joining every time you see the direct debit go out. To avoid that fate follow this simple workout plan from Magnus Lygdback, who trained Alicia Vikander ahead of her role as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. “If you’re new to the gym it’s important to build up the fundamentals,” says Lygdback. “Make sure you keep good form…
October 14, 2019

What To Eat Before The Gym

The best pre-training fuel for every kind of workout. Deciding what to eat before a workout is always about finding the right balance. You have to provide your body with the energy it needs to perform at your best during the session, but you don’t want to feel heavy or bloated with food while you’re working up a sweat. So for advice on exactly what to eat before all kinds of workouts, we spoke to Ben Samuels, performance nutritionist at Science In Sport. For each workout Samuels has suggested the nutrients you need and how long before the session you should eat, and suggested supplement and real food options that will do the trick. XR Nutrition has an excellent Pre and Post Workout Supplement Bundle that will you power through your workout and help you recover afterwards. Early Morning Workout When to eat: 30 minutes beforehand. What you need: After…
Dani Richeson
October 14, 2019