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A Week of Plant-Based Eating

By April 6, 2020April 18th, 2020Fitness, Recipes
A Week of Plant-Based Eating

You don’t have to consider yourself a vegan or vegetarian to reap the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.

A plant-based diet can improve health, prevent disease and heal the planet. Whether you are already following a plant-based diet or are adopting one part time, studies show that eating a vegan diet may reduce your risk of cancer. And adopting a plant-based diet can lead to improvements in blood pressure, reductions in heart disease, and a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Pair these simple vegetarian friendly recipes with our daily supplements and blends as quick an easy way to power pack your plant-based eating! Also who says that pumpkin recipes are only for the fall? Not us!

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